Kotinochi officially came into operation in 2019 and is proud to be one of the leading companies in Vietnam in terms of investment, application, and development of high technology in agricultural production. KOTINOCHI has large growing areas with modern cultivation techniques, ensuring product quality and capacity. 

KOTINOCHI is supplying the market with main products such as corn silage, fresh aloe vera leaves, coir fiber coconut, and organic fertilizer. Our products are manufactured according to the latest technology and ensure feed safety through standards such as Global GAP, Viet GAP,…


Being the leading unit in the field of animal feed in Vietnam Developing in the international market


Creating and supplying useful agriculture products


Honesty and transparency in the production Acting for the benefit and health of consumers Commitment to quality is the principle of conduct of each member in serving customers


We mainly focus on growing Non-GMO corn silage for exporting to Japan, Korean and Russia



With more than 1 hectare of fertilizer factory located in Binh Phuoc, providing about 400 tons of organic fertilizer per month



Besides production, we also find outlets for agricultural products for export in the ASEAN region