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Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves

Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves

Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves

Our ALOE VERA LEAVES are grown and cultivated directly from our partners' farms in Kon Tum and Dak Lak province, without any intermediaries. Each leaf is 40-60cm long, 5-8cm wide and 1.5-3cm thick.
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Aloe vera (aloe vera) has always been considered a "divine miracle" in women's skin care. And yet, it is also known as a very good medicine for health. Aloe Vera has many uses such as clearing heat, enhancing resistance or supporting digestion. How to grow aloe vera is also very simple, anyone can do it.


- Amino acids (at least 23 types), vitamins (including B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, folic acid, C, A, E), containing some trace minerals (Na, K, Fe, Ca, P, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mg, Cr).

- Monosaccharides, polysaccharides such as: Cellulose, rhamnose, glucose, aldopentose, xylose, galactose, mannose, arabinose and acemannan, have antiviral effects, help strengthen the body's immune system.

 - Prostaglandin and unsaturated fatty acids: Gamma linolenic acid of this group has the effect of reducing swelling, reducing allergies, healing wounds, and helping to accelerate the growth of young skin.

- Enzymes: Beneficial for the digestive system to help eat well, make tonics: Lipase, oxidase, Amilaza, Catalase, Allnilase....Anthraglycoside Anthraquinon group: Has antioxidant, laxative, helps detoxification, anti-constipation …

Based on the benefits that aloe vera brings to people's lives, Kotinochi has an aloe vera farm and factory in Dak Lak, Vietnam, both to meet the supply of fresh aloe vera leaves for customers, and to produce products made from aloe vera based on customer requirements as well.


We will package into boxes.

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CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN KOTINOCHI Address: No. B5.24, Floor 5, Block B, Nhat Hoa Apartment Compex, 33 Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, HCMC

 Manufacturing Address: Phuoc Loc Hamlet, Phuoc Hoa Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, VN

CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN KOTINOCHI Contact: +84 702 839 704

CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN KOTINOCHI Email: info@kotinochi.com


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