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Latex Powder-Free

Latex Powder-Free

Latex Powder-Free

Latex comes directly from rubber trees. Latex gloves are the most commonly used disposable gloves because they have been the only strong disposable glove material option on the market. However, now many hospitals and clinics have begun replacing their latex gloves with nitrile gloves.
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Function Benefits

  • Superior tensile strength for extraordinary resiliency
  • Superior puncture & tear resistance properties
  • Protection from unwanted & dangerous substances
  • Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit. Fit more comfortably, reduced hand fatigue & respiration
  • Beaded cuff makes easy donning and guards against tearing
  • Smooth gloves donning surface provides a more natural feel
  • Powder free to eliminate powder – induced irritation & dermatitis to user
  • Low level of extract able protein & chemical residue, hence lower






Product Speci­fications


Chlorinated Online Powder Free Latex Examination Gloves


Non-Sterile Powder-Free

Powder Content

Powder content < 2 mg/glove maximum

Protein Level

Aqueous extractable protein : 50ug/dmor less with label claim



Design & Features

Ambidextrous, Beaded Cuff, smooth or fully palm textured

Gloves Size

Extra-small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large

Marked in the check box on the shipping carton with black ink


Store in a dry and cool place, the temperature not higher than 38 °C


3 years from the date of manufacturing


100pcs / inner, 10 inners / carton



Physical Dimensions


Palm Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Palm Width (mm)

< 80 (XS)

min 240

85 + 3 (S)

min 240

95 + 3 (M)

min 240

105 + 3 (L)

min 240

> 110 (XL)

min 240

Thickness-Single wall (mm)

Measurement Location

Single Wall (mm)

Fingers tip (at 13 + 3mm from the extreme tip)

min 0.01

Palm (at centre of palm)

min 0.01


Physical Properties And Biocompatibility


Tensile strength (MPA)

Elongation at break (%)

Before aging : 18.0Mpa min

Before aging : 650% min

After aging : 14.0Mpa min

After aging : 500% min

Aging Content

(70 + 2°C for 7 days)

Quality Standards

ASTM D3578 (05) standards Under GMP practice

Manufactured under ISO9001: 2015, ISO13485: 2003, ISO22000: 2005 Quality Management System



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Powdered Gloves are Latex gloves with powder, Latex comes directly from rubber trees. Latex Powdered gloves are the most commonly used disposable gloves because they have been the only strong disposable glove material option on the Market.

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