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Protecting your health at home during covid season

The COVID-19 epidemic is complicated in the world and in Vietnam, protecting health by strengthening resistance is one of the important solutions to prevent the risk of infection, in addition to other measures. such as wearing a mask, washing hands often with soap or sanitizer… then nutritional balance is the key to strengthening resistance. Actively strengthening resistance is essential for effective disease prevention.

The Ministry of Health recommends that people actively strengthen their resistance through nutrition and exercise to effectively prevent epidemics:


Balance nutrition to strengthen resistance by ensuring adequate nutrients in each meal, from foods of clear origin, and avoid storing too much to always use fresh food .

Increase physical activity at home with exercises suitable for each person’s health and fitness.


In addition to strengthening our resistance, we should fully comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, strictly follow the 5k message and the directives of the Prime Minister, contributing to join hands with the whole country to repel and win. 

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