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Reasons to choose corn silage for cows

Reasons to choose Corn Silage for cows feed?

Major dairy farms are increasingly giving their cows corn silage (or maize silage) as their primary source of forage. This forces corn silage to be among the top forages fed to lactating dairy cows thanks to its agronomical, nutritious and economical nature. It is not surprised in the rising adoption of corn silage. Here are some benefits of corn silage and its impact on dairy cows.

Why choose Corn Silage for cows feed?


Corn silage can be fed in the fall to extend the time spent lactating or to make up for the lack of feed caused by an earlier calving. The latter usage of corn silage can be more advantageous in regions with dry summers since more milk may be produced prior to Christmas.


Feed shortages brought by below-average pasture growth rates can be solved by feeding corn silage. Whether it is a summer dry, or when the weather is too hot, too cold or too wet, farmers can count on corn silage to fulfill affordable yet quality dry matter for the rumen.


Corn silage is a locally grown forage containing the ideal proportion of fibre and carbohydrate to nurture rumen health. Different from milk generated from Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) fed cows, which might negatively disturb Fonterra’s Fat Evaluation Index (FEI) and milk returns, milk produced from maize-silage-fed cows is dependably of a higher grade.


In acquiring condition, energy in corn silage is utilized 20% more thoroughly comparing to energy in fall pasture. An essential dsriver of production and profitability is to accommodate cow condition score objectives of 5.5 for first and second calvers or 5.0 for mature cows. Cows in sufficient condition at calving generate more milk and cycle in shorter time. This is resulted in enhanced reproductive performance and a narrower calving spread.


Excess potassium levels found in lush, quickly expanding pastures can raise the risk of milk fever. On paddocks witnessing wastewater application, the issue is often worse. This problem can be minimized by growing maize as maize cultivation uses up excess soil potassium, while feeding dry cows large quantities of corn silage (a feed with low potassium) might help lower the risk of milk fever. Additionally, maize is the perfect transporter for zinc as well as macro-minerals including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and is free of the fungi that cause face eczema.


In most time, the protein content of pasture exceeds the requirements of cows. This excess dietary protein is expelled in the urine and is the primary source of nitrogen in waterways. In the form of starch, corn silage has high amount of carbohydrates yet low levels of protein. It can be used to reduce cow urine’s nitrogen content by more than 70%.

Why choose Corn Silage for cows feed?

We offers high-quality silage products designed to enhance the health & performance of dairy cows which improve digestibility to help increase milk production of dairy cows.

The entire corn plant at 60-75 days interval, typically harvested at a whole plant moisture content of 65-70%. The whole plant was then collected and chopped into 2-3cm length and mixed with different level of pineapple waste. We use pineapple waste as additive to ensilage. Up to 50% of the dry matter of corn silage is grain corn. The chopped corn plants was directly packed in airtight plastic bags 0,15-0,17mm in thickness. Our products are free from chemical additives delivering well preserved corn silage (pH < 4; moisture of 65-70%).

With our excellent manufacturing capability, we are enable to offer silage products tailored to fit your individual needs.

For detailed information, see: Vietnamese Corn silage


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